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Perhaps if you are a monk, living in a pristine environment and surrounded by others who totally support a state of serenity, you might then have full control of your energy.  But most of us live in a fast paced world where we are bombarded with external stimuli that triggers multiple internal processes.  Many people at times find themselves out of balance, shut down, and generally pessimistic.

Providing psychic readings gives me a comprehensive view of how a person, and those they ask about, are managing their energy.  Few people realize the huge benefits of taking care of their energy field and how just minor changes can lead to significant positive outcomes.  It is important to understand that it is not a matter of having full control of your energy at all times.  A realistic goal is to limit the amount of time one spends in a detrimental energy state.

Detrimental Energy States:

  1. Dwelling on a problem or situation for which there is currently no available solution.
  2. Feeling like a victim, feeling hard done by.
  3. Watching and waiting for contact/communication.
  4. Believing that another person needs to do certain things or stop doing certain things for you to be happy.

If you find yourself in such a detrimental state it is good to know that it is an illusion.  Yes, most certainly your ego will tell you that there is a justification for being in any of the above states and on one level that may be true, but staying in that state is costly in terms of your health and your happiness.  Plus, the things you are wanting to change and improve will encounter resistance until you open up your energy again.  The reason I say such states are an illusion is because you are not in the energy of your True Self.  You are not in the energy of  your power and light.  I am sure you agree that it feels horrible to be in a detrimental energy.  So best to get out of it as quickly as possible.

Sometimes when giving a reading I am asked, “When will I be happy again?”  The astonishing answer is, “Right now!”  Remember by the time something plays out in the physical world it is old news.  Everything begins in the energy, the energy of thought and feeling.  Fortunately you have control over your thoughts and feelings.  It is you and only you that makes the choice of what you think and feel.

A critical first step in minding your energy field is to be aware of how you are feeling.  If you are feeling down, depressed, anxious or fearful rather than stay in that state for days on end catch yourself and make a better choice.  You may have little or no control of the external circumstances that you are dwelling on, but you have total control of your inner state.

Everyone needs a good set of tools to shift their energy from a detrimental state to an open and receptive state.  In my experience prayer and meditation work wonders to open up the energy.  When we are focused on a problem and are feeling restricted, if we can shift our focus to the only solution readily available, which is to surrender in prayer, or quiet the mind and surrender in meditation, we will start to open our energy and feel better immediately.  The reason we feel better is we surrender our ego attitude and open the vertical channels of higher energies, energies of healing.

Stephanie gives a glorious testament of how spending just a little time surrendering in prayer or meditation can change everything.  Stephanie had done a great deal of work for a man, but had not been paid fully when the job was completed.  She called the man and he did not pick up.  She left messages and he did not return her calls.  Feeling very distraught and hard done by Stephanie decided to meditate on the situation.  She pictured the man who owed her the money and she flowed love to him from her heart.  She released him and the money he owed her.  In her meditation she set him free.  She confided in me that she really felt the love and release when she thought about him.  The very next day he called her and set up a meeting and paid her in cash.  Because Stephanie shifted the energy within herself about the situation the polarization between her and the man ended and both parties then had a totally different experience.

Another tool to open up the vertical channels and invite in healing energy is the Ho’oponopono practice.  Simply repeat the phrases, “Thank you, I love you, I am sorry” as you focus on the situation or person that needs healing energy.  You can do this practice by sitting quietly and focusing or you can do it silently when your area of concern comes to mind as you go through your day.

Consulting a professional can also be a powerful tool for transformation.  One of the biggest gifts in the work I do is to hear a client say. “I feel so much better after talking to you!”  It is important to note that they do not feel better because I told them a fairytale.  They feel better because in a reading I saw a bigger and more expansive view of the situation and the truth resonated with them.  Letting go of our ego view and seeing things from a broader perspective always opens up the energy and allows good things to flow to us.

There are many tools and I invite you to share yours in the comment section.  Find the ones that work for you and keep adding to your tool kit.  When you find yourself in a detrimental energy state start using your tools!  Your energy will immediately shift and soften.  Lighten up and know that I am here if you need me.

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Smiles and love, Valerie


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