Three Keys To Meeting Your Perfect Match

And one day he appeared, the perfect one for me.
I then realized that I was correct in saying goodbye
to the men who were not quite right for me that had come before him


Dear Ones, for many years I have been a Love Psychic and I have done 1000’s of relationship readings.  The underlining desire present in my clients is to have a fulfilling, mutually supportive and loving relationship.  When that desire goes unfulfilled it can be quite painful and confusing.  You may be with a partner that you love, but in the ways that matter you do not feel that they are co-creating a relationship with you, thus you find yourself coping with discouragement.  I want you to take heart!  For those who are ready, really ready, to call in your perfect partner I will share with you The 3 Keys to the kingdom of love.

Key #1:  Clarity

What is it that you want?  The clearer you are about this the better!  As an energy reader I can see when a person is not clear.  Their energy may appear scattered going in many different directions or it may appear like a seesaw going back and forth.  Remember, a wheel can’t turn in two directions at the same time and if your focus/energy goes in one direction and then the opposite direction then you will stand still or go in circles.

An example of lack of clarity in love is:  You want a fulfilling and mutually loving relationship, but you are with someone who does not consistently communicate with you or spend time with you.  Your love interest/partner is emotionally and/or physically not available, but you hold out because you love them and hope things will change.  This creates a stale mate in your energy because you are not making choices in the direction of what you want, instead you are choosing what you don’t want; The unfulfilling relationship.

An example of clarity in love is:  You are committed to your desire for a fulfilling and mutually loving relationship.  Your clarity enables you to make an accurate assessment whether that is on offer and possible with a particular person.  If it is not on offer you do not invest emotionally and you choose to move on.

Key #2: Decisions

Decisions put energy in motion and send it powerfully in the direction of the choice you have made.  As an energy reader I can see if a person is sitting with a decision or if they have made a decision because in the later the energy is moving.  For example, if a client asks me when they will get communication from their love interest I can see the communication and provide an accurate time frame if the love interest has made the decision to communicate.  In the reading I can see the energy flowing from the love interest to the client in the form of communication.  Conversely, if the love interest wants to contact, but is apprehensive about it that will also show in the energy.  An accurate time frame for communication may not be possible because the person is not clear in their decision and the energy is not moving.

If you are clear on what you want and you make decisions that are in agreement with your desire, then you are in perfect placement for what you want to come, unhindered, into your life.  Here is something very important that you may not know:  Deciding to move on from an unfulfilling relationship actually puts you on the path to meeting the one who is right for you.  On the path to the one there are some frogs. Some are even charming and cute.  You can say hello to the frogs and even go out on a few dates with them, just avoid trying to turn them into your prince.


 Key #3: Surrender Timing

Time can really do a number on people.  Our mind plays tricks on us concerning timing.  You may be tempted to think because something has not happened yet, then it is unlikely to happen.  You may be tempted to think you are waiting for the one for you.  My advise is to throw away clocks and calendars when it comes to love.  The one for you is not on a linear timeline, they are on your path provided you have used the other two keys.  Challenge the untrue negative thoughts that cause you to doubt your love is coming.  Surrender any disbelief you may have.

Surrender watching and waiting for something to happen and by doing so you will be in the flow.  There are things you can do that further magnetize your desire.  One client of mine made a vision board of her ideal relationship.  She wanted to be married, have a lovely home with her husband and a sense that they really belonged together and grew more in love as their relationship evolved.  She included all these things on her vision board and she hung it up in a prominent place in her home.  She also, and very importantly, practiced The 3 Keys.  She totally let go of time and any sense of waiting.  She once told me if she dies with the dream of her perfect match still in her then so be it.  She was not going to settle.  Now that is a decision!  Guess what?  In less than a year of practicing The 3 Keys she met her match and they are now married.

Vision Board

The starting point for calling in the one for you is where you are right now.  If you are unsure where you are and what to do, then book a session with me.  I am always available to provide you with the current lay of the land and shine the light ahead.  The path is always easier to see when it is graced with light.

lit path

 Smiles and <3
Your Love Psychic, Valerie

Valerie Alexander

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