The Soul Mate Bad Boy

You are smart, self sufficient and have loads of common sense.  You have read self help books and know key relationship do’s and don’ts.  You have learned hard lessons from the past, which you vow to never repeat.   Yet, along comes a soul mate and this one is sporting red flags vivaciously flying high.  Logic runs to a far off cave while delicious fantasies of till death do us part take center stage.

So what has happened exactly?  As a Love Psychic I have given thousands of readings and have seen many soul mate relationships from inception to conclusion.  Don’t let the word, “conclusion” scare you.  Not all soul mate connections end and it can be argued that such connections never really end at all.  It is just that soul mates have many reasons to enter our lives and a marriage proposal is not always one of the reasons.

A soul mate is someone who we have a soul connection with and who we have known in some meaningful way in a past life.  Meeting them again awakens energies within us that have previously been dormant.  This awakening, brought about by our recognition of the other, can feel quite glorious; We feel high!  I call the feeling the soul mate buzz.  Illusions and fantasies fill our consciousness and we float above the grounding forces of logic and reality as it feels so good to go with the feelings!

Though we may think we have one up on reality and logic this is never the case.  Once magnetized with a soul mate, the illusion that the reason we met them is to live happily ever after heavily influences our perceptions, choices, and decisions.  The high intensity buzz can have a person rationalizing and minimizing all sorts of glaring red flags such as: the soul mate is married to someone else, the soul mate is a player and has many partners around town and country, the soul mate likes to drink a bit too much, the soul mate is commitment phobic, emotionally unstable, lives with and off dear ole mom etc…

To love someone instantly due to the soul connection, yet as a partner they would otherwise be your least likely choice, does not make for an even playing field.  Soul mates awaken us to intense and beautiful feelings on a deep level, on a level that normally does not get much play in our day to day; The soul level.  However, once our discarded friend, logic, returns from the cave, inner conflict gives birth to the question, “How can such a wonderful and powerful connection not lead to commitment, marriage, and a life journey together?  Often it is at this stage, when reality and fantasy collide, that the requests for a psychic reading increases dramatically.

So, if the soul mate connection with a bad boy is not about till death due us part then what is it about?  It would require a  psychic reading for the specific details to be revealed, but most often growth and expansion are a common opportunity that is present.  When growth opportunities are denied there is struggle and pain, thus it is always helpful to know what the unique growth opportunities are in your connection.

The truth is that the soul mate bad boy always comes with something good.   For example, he may come to be a springboard for you to enter a whole new life, he may show you a lie you have been holding about yourself and finally give you the opportunity to be in your truth.  The gifts present are unique to each connection.  With a bad boy, rather than waiting for the ring, why not watch the flower open and be pleasantly surprised with the bloom?  I promise it will always be beautiful and there is always something extremely valuable exchanged.

Smiles and love,


Your Love Psychic



Valerie Alexander

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Relationship dynamic specialist: Love Psychic and Energy Reader
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  1. A good discussion can be started on this post,as I do not fully agree with you, but nevertheless,good post.

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