How To Identify A Soul Mate: Four Identifiers

The soul should always stand ajar,
ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.
- Emily Dickenson


A soul mate is someone with whom you share a soul level connection.  Such a connection has a myriad of dynamics present, often including the feeling of love and the experience of recognition as it is a connection that precedes the present lifetime.

Contrary to popular myth, a soul mate is not necessarily your one true love who you will marry and then live with happily ever after.  When it comes to the dimensions of the soul there is never one outcome and one definitive potential.  The soul is infinite and lives in the realm of infinite possibilities.

Soul mates always serve as a catalyst for change and such a meeting is abundant with growth opportunities.  Therefore to be able to identify a soul mate and to be aware that growth and change are on offer can be very beneficial.

The following list is based on my personal experience and the knowledge gained professionally from providing readings for clients as a love psychic.  The list is not conclusive, but the soul mate identifiers listed are the most prominent and are present in all soul mate connections.

Four Soul Mate Identifiers

1.  Recognition –  Often there is the feeling of immediate connection and even love.  This defies logical explanation of course as you do not even know the person.  On some level you do recognize each other, though consciously you may not understand it.  Sometimes one partner feels the familiarity and closeness before the other has the same experience.  The partner who is slower to recognize the connection holds as significant the moment they awoke to it and remembers precisely when that moment occurred.

2.  Magnetism –  You feel drawn to each other, you want to be around each other and sometimes this happens via synchronicity as if the hand of fate introduced you and then works to guide things along.  Sometimes the magnetism can taper off for a period of time in order to allow for introspection and growth.  In times of separation, if one can be still and balanced, it is possible to feel the other no matter the time and distance involved.

3.  Intensity – All soul level connections carry the potential for expansive growth.  When growth opportunities are being ignored, usually due to an overwhelming focus on the other person, intensity builds up.  The build up of intensity can lead to a temporary separation and a decrease in magnetism.  Letting go, getting back in balance, establishing a connection with one’s Self and focusing on self growth reopens the flow of the connection.

4.  Sacrifice – What is to be sacrificed is something old and no longer of use.  Some examples of what we may be called upon to sacrifice are: a way of life, an old and outgrown narrative of who we are, a rigid view of love and what others should believe and how others should act, negative and limiting beliefs.  A soul mate brings these old ways to the surface, usually by triggering them for us and not by eloquently writing them out in a kind note that they attached to a bouquet of roses. :)

Soul mate connections have the ability to turn us inside out.  They exalt us to where we believe our greatest joys are possible while they also can expose our deepest fears.  The rewards are high and one never need navigate the path alone.  Fortunately we are in an age where guidance by a skilled soul mate reader is a phone call away.

Smiles and love,


Your Love Psychic

I invite you to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section.


Valerie Alexander

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Relationship dynamic specialist: Love Psychic and Energy Reader
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21 Responses to How To Identify A Soul Mate: Four Identifiers

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  5. PE says:

    this is so true. iam no longer confused about whether he was really my soul mate.
    would you be able to tell me if iam right about this?

    we met 3 years ago and now completely disconnected from each other because he opted to do so. when we met, he told me verbally “iam not sure why iam telling u everything abt my life. i hardly know you”. i knew at that instant something big was happening. i felt very strongly connected to him on many occasions. we met when neither of us were expecting or looking for love. i was married but in a messy situation with my spouse that i worked away from home. he was looking to be married (arranged marriage by matching horoscopes the traditional way) ;note: he was NOT looking to date. but after a few days, as we started working at the same workplace, we even lived in the same office campus….we started going out as friends…he would on many occasions say he wanted a dupe of me so he could marry that person…he kept telling me that i was special and that he wanted to tell my husband so.. we even realised we had gone to the same school campuses and universities back home…we had been so close in terms of proximity but never met until now……..there was a time when i knew i was strongly attracted to him…more spiritually than physically.. i just felt like i wanted to be around him always…and knew that i would do anything to have that. i told him that. he, after many attempts of denial admitted he liked me…but would never say that he loved me coz he was scared he was answerable to his future wife. i loved him with all my heart…i was even ready to give my life… at some point, he decided to get married because his parents found a match and on thanksgiving, he broke the news to me saying he didnt want to meet with me or be in touch anymore.i was shattered…i begged to atleast be friends or acquaintances but he refused… he just threw me out the window. there have been many days i have stood outside his apartment hiding behind a tree, just to watch him leave to work…(i just wanted some part of him with me …i was so helplessly in love and pained). i moved back to CA due to work situations. finally, after many months, i tried sending him a msg asking him how he was doing..and i received a deadly threatening reply insulting me coz i need to be ashamed of myself and that he never wanted to know me anymore. he also mentioned he would take legal action if i ever tried disturbing him again. i knew he was already married….but he didnt have to be so harsh because i asked him how he was doing…………..i died that day after seeing that response..(we have cooked meals for each other, hung out, comforted each other with words at times of distress and even prayed together…and suddenly he sees me as a dreadful enemy? hows that even possible)..and to this day I sob everyday in pain…hoping someday he would send me a text or email asking me if i was doing well in life. i ask for nothing more than just one email or call. i pray everyday for it. i dont want to die before i receive that call/ email. i want him to be happy. i truly feel that. i however continue to do my other duties in life with my family. every 5 min…i look into my phone or search him up on google images just to glance at his face…that i so cannot forget. i love him..he is my soul. NOTHING can change that. not even him….

    could you pls comment on my situation? am i an idiot that has totally gone crazy? have i sinned?

  6. Rukayat says:

    Nice tips val thumbs up

  7. Sail in the ocean says:

    Valerie,your very accurate in your descriptions, thank you for bringing this forward Love is a wonderful experience when your near it , you get that feeling you know their the one. Love is also based off each persons back grounds, their hearts are joined together through their histories, unfortunately like the songs says, ” I was blind” that happened to me, don’t let attitude or ego get in the way and enjoy life

  8. Jonelle Jackson says:

    Its nice to be reminded of this through the times of “running” or disconnection but i understand how its all part of our divine purpose. Thankyou

  9. Eliza says:

    I saw a boy across the room in a junior high school class . I was 12, not even interested in boys. Yet I knew him in a way that felt so odd, so mature and complete, especially since I was not a sophisticated child and had never experienced anything remotely similar. It was a shocking, heart stopping moment. I remember going home that day feeling so confused by what had happened.
    Five years later we began dating, and it was almost frightening, my feelings were so intense. However, it didn’t last, breaking my heart.
    In another strange twist, we saw each other again five years later, and this time, it became a mutual obsession. We married three months after that meeting, and that was thirty years ago. I still believe that I’ve known him far longer, and he feels the same. We’ve been very happy together, best friends, and always deeply in love.
    I don’t know anything about soul mates, but this is, my story.

    • That is indeed a fascinating story and exemplifies the essence of a soul mate connection. Such connections are timeless and awaken the deepest places within us. We become aware that what is unseen is often more powerful and significant than what is seen. Thank you for sharing your story. Wow! :) Valerie

  10. jack says:

    When you meet your soulmate for very first time the bond is too strong and you feel it pulling like a magnet, most people run away because they can’t handle the strength of the bond, society is scared to tell you the truth.

  11. jack says:

    When you meet your soulmate you know their personality and you know what they are thinking because you are connected with them, so you know what each other is thinking,

  12. Good information. Lucky me I came across your website by accident (stumbleupon).
    I have saved as a favorite for later!

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