The Genesis Of An Emotional Wound

If only my tears were an elixir,
a healing font for this wound I know so well.

 Many of us have discovered tears will not heal an emotional wound, conversely being taken over by the pain of the wound, it’s thoughts and story, seems to make it even stronger and support it’s longevity.  The type of emotional wound discussed here comes from a deep place and though the people and circumstances that trigger the wound change, the pain of the wound does not.  Maybe  you are one who has realized, by reliving the same pain over and over again, that you have an emotional wound.

At one point in your life, or perhaps a previous life, something happened.  It is not what happened that caused the wound, it is what you told yourself afterwards that caused the wound.  For example, if you came to believe that whatever happened was your fault because you were not good enough, smart enough, lovable or worthy, such beliefs about yourself created a wound.  It is as if we ingest poison when we believe a lie about ourselves and the result is we feel pain and ill at ease when the wound gets triggered.

The wound, with it’s vortex of pain, attracts a fear to it.  The fear marks the spot of the wound.  It could be a fear of abandonment, a fear of loss, or a fear of being close to another person.  The fear can be your ally as it signals false beliefs you are holding about yourself.  Fear is highly magnetic and will attract scenarios that are or appear to be what you fear.  Your wound gets activated and all the pain comes rushing to the surface again.  This process can and does seem to repeat ad infinitum.

So, how can an emotional wound be healed once and for all and the false beliefs thoroughly cleansed from our energy field?  I have asked the Universe for the answer and when it comes I will joyously share it with all.  It is my belief that all wounds are destined to be healed.  In the meantime the wound can be managed and perhaps there are ways to heal it, but it involves a slow process that requires discipline and consciousness.

Consciousness is the key that unlocks many doors to a higher perspective and state of being.  Consciousness means to be aware, awake.  As Eckhart Tolle eloquently explains in his book, The Power of Now, when a pain pattern (Tolle refers to it as a “pain body”) gets triggered we tend to become it.  We go unconscious and take on it’s thoughts and feelings of pain.  By the simple act of shining the light of consciousness on the pattern it quickly dissolves.  So if you are in pain and your wound is triggered just look at it.  Become the bystander, the observer of your pain as opposed to becoming the pain.  This does work to dissolve the pattern in that moment.  But all patterns have a momentum and the more the pattern is indulged in the stronger it is.  Over time if one simply looks at their pain and refrains from being taken over by it the pattern will lose it’s momentum and when it is triggered it can be more easily managed.

It helps to have an ally in the process.  Once one is in the grips of a pain pattern a benevolent hand that pulls you back into truth can be a saving grace.  It is my pleasure to assist my clients to identify their wounds and predict for them when the wound may get triggered if I should see this information in a reading.

If you are feeling pain remember it is only a pain pattern that has been triggered.  It is only a pattern, not your truth.

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