Hello! My name is Valerie, Your Love Psychic.

I have been a professional energy reader since 2002. My expertise is love and relationships as I possess an uncanny ability to see what the dynamics are between two people, what are the primary thoughts, and what are the feelings and intentions of your significant other. There are many dynamics in relationships, some feel good and some are detrimental. A reading with me is intended to put the power back in your hands and steer your connection towards love and harmony.

The information I provide is intended to expand your awareness, stretch your imagination and challenge your perceptions. The knowledge I give you will help you relax and enjoy your connection and what makes it special.

Every relationship is about growth. Taking advantage of growth opportunities creates harmony. Resisting growth can put you in a state of struggle. I will pinpoint growth opportunities for you so you can then proceed with greater clarity and confidence. You will also receive predictions, no more will you be in the dark on matters of the heart.

Smiles and love,

* Please note that by the time something plays out in the physical world it is old news. Everything begins in the energy and can be seen there first. This is one reason why readings are so valuable. It is possible to shift and make changes that then create different outcomes!